How stable is personality over time and across situations?

How stable is personality over time and across situations? The consistency of personality across time and situations have been hotly contested over the years with some theorists arguing that people are characterised by enduring patterns of thought, feelings, motivations and behaviour that change little across time and situations and others such as Mischel arguing that situational variables are very important determinants of behaviour.

You need to write an “Argument” essay – that is, you must present evidence in favour of an argument. More specifically, you need to form an argument that addresses the essay task “Discuss and assess the evidence against the theory that personality is consistent over time and across situations. Use 2 to 3 good lines of evidence to support your argument.

cite experts who agree with your conclusion
provide facts, evidence, and statistics to support your position
provide reasons to support your claim
address the opposing side’s argument and refute their claims
Why should you address counter-evidence? There are many good reasons for including arguments from the other sides. It demonstrates a well-rounded understanding of the topic and a lack of bias. It is also more persuasive and makes the reader more likely to trust your opinion.


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