How to Write a Good Essay

Essays are the backbone of many writing tasks in the universities and colleges and unfortunately, writing them is the most dreaded task among students. But this doesn’t always have to be the case when you approach every essay in a sober manner and with a complete understanding of what is expected of you.

How to Write a Good Essay – Tips To Save You Time and Enhance Quality

For those who would like to improve the quality of their essays and always finish the work in shortest time possible, here are some tips on how to write a good essay-:

Choose a topic

In most of the assignments, you may be given the freedom to write on a topic of choice, and it is imperative you be very cautious with your choice of the topic. The topic should be interesting and relevant to you and it should be something you are well knowledgeable in so that you find it easy to do the research and present your facts right.

Have an outline for your ideas

An outline is like a guiding light that will help you organize your thoughts and present them well on paper. It will allow you to take what already is in your head, have an organized structure on how you want to write, understand the connection between one section to another and give the idea more clarity in your head and on paper. You can create a diagram for the outline or simply write it down in form of bullet points.

Write the opening statement / thesis statement

At this point, you have a topic and you have also arranged the flow of your ideas in an outline. The next step is to create an opening statement, also known as a thesis statement, to tell the readers the point of your essay and basically highlight on the main ideas. The statement should have two parts-: the first part should state the topic while the second part should state the point of the essay.

Write the body of the essay

This is where you will be taken to task to argue, explain or describe the topic in details. In the body, every idea you had in the outline will become a separate section. Each section should start with the main idea in the introductory paragraph and this should be followed by supporting ideas and any other relevant information.

The conclusion

This will bring down the curtains on the topic and it should summarize your overall idea and probably provide your final perspective on the topic. A good conclusion should have three to five strong closing sentences.

Review the whole essay and do final touches before printing and submitting the work.

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