HR service delivery

• Assignment brief
You are the director for HR in a large UK local government council with over 6000 employees. At the moment all HR functions are delivered internally and centrally located. The strategic model of the HR department has tended to favour a High Commitment HRM approach. Due to government cuts, the Chief Executive Officer has asked you to consider the council’s HR model. You have been asked to research into this and produce a report which demonstrates your consideration of the potential options. The report will provide recommendations for the Chief Executive Officer of the council. Your report needs to demonstrate a critical understanding of:
• Strategic Models of HRM
• Outsourcing of the HR function
• The financial constraints operating within an organisation
• What potential functions might be outsourced and the business justification and risk associated
• Your recommendations to the CEO
• The rational for this outcome
These are not a list of required topic sub-headings. You will though be expected to demonstrate throughout the report your understanding of these themed areas in constructing your report.
2000-2250 words. Font Ariel 11. Double line spacing.
The report must have supporting references within the body which provide evidence of your research. You will be accessed on the level and range of the academic research you have undertaken. Your supporting references must be academic sources.
Failure to demonstrate a review of academic literature will result in low marks for the literature review and also low marks for the analysis and discussion section, as that section is based on your review of academic literature.
•Supporting material for the assignment
You should now be aware of various models in relations to HR service delivery. As you can see from the brief the current model in place with this organisation is high commitment HRM. It is also the case that the organisation has a HR department and that its functions are centralised and delivered by staff who are internally employed. You will need now consider whether the organisation should retain the use of this model or consider other options. This is due to financial constraining placed on local government. Any potential change made would impact on the organisation as a whole but will also impact on the HR department as this is part of the organisation. Thus the impact will be on both the organisation as a whole and the HR department.
The assumption is that the CEO has limited knowledge on strategic HRM models. So in structuring your report you will need to present an account which informs the reader with a critical understanding(by/drawing on academic literature) of the current model, potential options and the model/approaches you intend to recommend and why the other options have been rejected. You will also need to demonstrate an appreciation of the potential risks which might apply to your chosen recommendation. The structure you adopt for your report is your decision. The report is to be written in the third person. In other words you would say ‘The report suggest …’, or This report will recommends …’.
Your response will be supposed to have a clear and critically understanding of the complexity of the task. It will provide a clear account of the current situation and outline potential options which clearly recognise how and proposed recommendation will impact on the organisation as a whole and the HR department as a particular. The preferred option will be clearly stated and justified where risks have been considered. The report will be supported by an extensive review of academic literature beyond that given in lectures/seminars. There will be extensive references of academic authors cited within the body of the text with minimal use of the same author. There will be minimal information presented which does not related to the brief.


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