HRM Problem Based Learning 1

1.It is a Problem Based Learning Assignment.

2.I‘m not a native speaker. So it is not needed to be flowery writing, just need to be easy and clear. plz and thx.

3.Plz read the whole attachment carefully.

4.References must be HRM recognised sources.

5.More detail see in Files/Material.

GSBS6040 Human Resource Management


PBL Exercise 1: Analysing the job of teachers



The Director of the Hunter and Central Coast Region of the Department of Education and Training has decided to conduct a job analysis of current high school teaching staff.


Her goal is to determine how changes particularly, but not exclusively, in student values and attitudes, retention rates, curriculum, community expectations and teaching technologies have affected teachers’ jobs.


There are 32 high schools in the region each employing up to 100 teachers of whom the vast majority are employed full-time.  Schools are organised into faculties including English, Mathematics, Social Sciences, Personal Development and Health. Many of the teachers were employed in the late 1970s and are nearing the end of their career. Most are members of the NSW Teachers’ Federation – a ‘left-leaning’ union which is well resourced and structured around strong workplace delegates.


Recommend a research plan to conduct the job analysis.


N.B. This scenario is fictitious.


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