Quick Smart Serviced Offices and Couriers Limited has seen a rapid growth in the last few years.
Changes in the law and increased globalisation has opened up the market place allowing its forward
looking Directors, Sam and Ashok Williams to move closer towards their aspirations of becoming one
of the largest and most successful courier services in the UK. . Although their Head Office is based
Within their largest Serviced office spaces in the South East of England, it has rented an additional
warehouse nearby to cope with the additional accommodation needed. This means that the senior
Management Team, Administration and Finance team based at the Head Office are close enough to
actively support The Operations Managers and others based at the warehouse. Currently HR
Functions are outsourced.

The increased workload means that warehouse operates 2 shifts: Day and Night each with a shift
Manager who works closely with the Operations Manager to sustain the quality and responsiveness
of their services. However they have noticed slower growth in the number of SMEs wishing to access
their 3 serviced offices with requests for the use of a postal address rather than the long term use of
the physical space.
• introducing more automation and new technology within the business
• Reducing the headcount in its current operation
• Creating regional management teams which will include bringing HR services within the Quick Smart Senior Management Team
• Recruiting from within for the roles at the roles being created in the north and south west of


A new HR Director has been appointed to support this transition. ln order to support her in this role,
she has decided to develop a HR Graduate Manager scheme to attract the best, fresh and brightest
HR practitioners in the UK. You are one of L0 graduates from across the UK who have been selected
following a rigorous recruitment campaign. During your induction, all graduates are set the task of presenting their ideas for how to move forward. You have two weeks before you are required to present your report


Task 1: Construct the following diagrams:

A systems Map

A Force field analysis diagram

Task 2

Outline in 2,000 word report outlining the rationale and main steps you would take to
Manage your chosen change scenario. Include diagrams where appropriate




Students will be given a case study on organisational change and asked to use Diagramming
Techniques to-make sense of the realities of the organ ion. They will be asked on the basis
on this analysis to propose a change and provide a rationale to justify their choice. They will
then be asked to use to create and summarise a change strategy aligned to the business
Objectives expressed in the case study . Students are encouraged to use open learning materials (reference provided) to support their preparation for this assessment as well as make full use of the range of theoretical models available to justify and apply to their choices.

The student makes comprehensive use of the case material to create diagrams that capture
the internal and external realities within the organisation’s operating environment and
meet all diagramming conventions. No additional information will be provided in an attempt
to explain the diagrams i.e. the diagrams should explain themselves.

The Rationale (apply the bounded or un bounded)

A well articulated and justified rationale for a change strategy that is case study focussed
and a good range of academic sources to justify why it is appropriate including considering
why other change strategies are not appropriate for the particular business objectives.
There are clear connections between the diagrams and the rationale being presented.

Recommended change strategy (apply the organisation development and system intervention strategy)
Having summarised the case study specific steps to be taken as a part of the change strategy
the student will pick 2 of these steps to critically discuss the opportunities and threats that
Might emerge during their implementation and make recommendations as to how to
maximise the opportunities and minimise the threats you have discussed. There are clear
connections between the case studies, diagrams, the rationale and the recommended


Note: the writer can use the book which is called organisation change (4th edition)senior,Barbara and swailes ,Stephen from chapter 7 and 8 or other sources they can use and the other thing i need a piece of my work until Sunday like system map to get a feedback from teacher iam in right way or not

note please don’t call me especial in night time because i have small children and they disturb thanks.


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