HRMD 651 Assignment 1 Research Paper

This essay has two parts. Please answer both parts.

Part 1: Needs Analysis Scenario (2 pages, 3 references)

You are the training manager at Gator University. The VP of Academic Affairs comes to you and says: our faculty members are having a difficult time dealing with change. They do not like the new Learning Management System (LEO) and the students (our customers) are complaining that courses aren’t opening properly. Faculty are not doing the six hours of required training each year. Their student engagement rates are down. We are getting complaints from students that they are rude and unprofessional in their communications to the students. Also, they are whining about all their new job requirements.

Being the motivated employee that you are, you go right out and design the training and deliver it within the time constraints set by the VP. You are proud of your training because it includes a really cool icebreaker, lots of video, and interactivity. Most of the faculty attends the LEO training. Very few of them come to the other sessions – – citing work related issues and meetings where the Deans need them. The VP is upset with you because the training failed. Less than 50% attended all the training!

You are sad. You lament that you should have taken Prof Greg’s class last semester and learned about AOP, EOP, OPG, the TNA process, TNA pitfalls, and proper Data Collection. If you had known the TNA process, what would you have done differently, how would you have done this intervention, and why would you have done it in a particular way.
Short answers please (two pages – executive summary type answer). 

Part 2 Motivation and Learning Theories (2 pages,3 references )

As a trainer at Gator University, you have been asked to develop a training program for Executive Assistants (EA). Let’s assume that you have done the needs analysis. The following topics will comprise the content:
Customer Service skills (deal with students, faculty, other internal departments, external clients)
Ability to process system requests (HR, Budget, Curriculum, and Student)
Technology Knowledge (PeopleSoft, SharePoint, WebEx, Queries)
What are the five most important learning theory concepts that you learned from our textbook that would apply to the EA scenario? And, how would you apply them to this scenario? You can use outside research to support your choices.


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