Paper instructions:
To carry out the weekly assignment, spend at least one hour browsing and reading, starting with
some of the links provided, and moving in whatever directions interest you and seem productive.
Your task, in short, is focused and intelligent browsing. Once you have browsed enough to learn
something interesting, please compose a short report about two full paragraphs long (200 words)
that explains what you found and why it is interesting. Post this report on your section iLearn site
on the page provided for the week. Your report should:

(1) Identify the web links you started with, and the best ones you found while browsing
(copy at least three URLs at the end of your assigment).
(2) Explain what you found out about an aspect of a pre-modern civilization using the
(3) Analyze what makes this interesting and worth knowing. What does the information
reveal? What questions do you have after browsing? What implications or conclusions
can you make?
(4) In a second paragraph, briefly discuss why you trust the websites that you used (and
why you doubt them)?
Feel venturesome, experimental, creative: there is no fixed format for success. What we
want to see is evidence that you have been thinking hard!

here are the links:
General Knowledge:

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