Human Development

Program Name: Social Service Worker Program
Name of course: Human Development
Textbook Used: HDEV second Canadian edition
By Spencer A. Rathus and Shauna Longmuir
Copyright 2015 by Nelson Education LTD

ASSIGNMENT: A report discussing a personal issue it may be something you or your client is currently experiencing now.
(I would like to do the report on my closest friend Eve, who is 24 years old where several months ago, was diagnosed with Hepatitis C. The diagnosed was confirmed with Hep C RNA Viral Load blood test and a Liver Scan results. The test was requested by her family physician. Eve contacted the virus by sharing a needle while doing Heroin with her partner and boyfriend Adam. Now she has a drug addiction and almost died from a Heroin overdose. She’s currently at a residential rehab treatment center for recovery and 3 months drug treatment that consist of a daily tablet called Harvoni at a cost of $50,000.)

The course textbook is called HDEV second Canadian edition
By Spencer A. Rathus and Shauna Longmuir
Copyright 2015 by Nelson Education LTD

First, the course textbook using Erikson, identify the life stage in which the issue is taking place and explain the conflict that takes during this time period according to Erikson
Second, select and apply theories to this issue
Third, research the prevalence of this issue and any other aspect related to this issue that you feel would help you as a Social Service Worker dealing with such a population
Fourth, discuss two agencies in Ontario, Canada that you could refer a client to if they were to experience an issue similar to the one you have chosen to discuss
NOTE: Use a minimum of 4 resources/references to support the report. You must use the (1) classroom text as one of the references, (2) one from another text, (3) another from a journal that is NOT DIGITAL OR FOUND ONLINE. (4) One resource from the internet

Marking Scheme (100 marks total)
1.The problem is clearly stated including a multicultural perspective if relevant
2.The appropriate life stage of development is identified and the psychological theory is applied accurately
3.Use any of the 4 Theories (not including Erikson) to adequately explain the individual you have described. Theories are applied that are relevant to the current problem and life stage (10 marks per theory)
4.Research on the topic is relevant and relates to the issue
5.The agencies selected in Ontario, Canada as a self-referral, or on behalf of you client are appropriate given the nature of the issue
6.Insight, critical and constructive self-analysis and the ability to apply a variety of perspectives to the issue/life stage appropriately and in dept have been achieved. Studies from the text or other credible sources that are cited reinforce your argument and build on the theories referenced
7.The course textbook – HDEV second Canadian edition
By Spencer A. Rathus and Shauna Longmuir
Copyright 2015 by Nelson Education LTD
The course textbook is used and cited appropriately throughout the document, an additional non digital source has been cited and used appropriately, and a minimum of two additional online/internet resources have been used appropriately and applied to this case study. Outside references are relevant, contemporary and credible. The submission is professional looking. Appendices are used appropriately
8.MUST use APA standards to cite in-text references and refer to the appendices if needed.

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