Human rights

Human rights
Chechland is a country in the former Soviet Union. It is a member of the UN. It is predominantly Catholic and wishes all its citizens to adopt Catholicism as their religion.
It recently required all non-Catholics, including Protestants and Moslems, to re-locate to the eastern provinces of the country. There are news reports that a number of non-Catholics have been killed or thrown into prison when they refused to re-locate. Catholic schools and hospitals/medical centres have been closed down. Additionally many protestant churches and mosques have been burned down or destroyed by the Muritanian police.
Conditions for those who have re-located the East have been likened to ‘ghettos’ by the international press: there is a lack of available work and citizens have to cope with inadequate food, water, sanitation and shelter. Non-catholics are not permitted to protest against the government measures and those working are not allowed to form trade unions or hold collective meetings.
The international community has so far failed to respond to the situation and there has been no aid from other countries.
Explain the human rights affected with reference to the different generations of rights.

Part 2 ‘Slavery has still not disappeared. It exists today behind closed doors in many parts of the world including Britain.’

BBC editorial comment at l
Critically evaluate this statement. You should include reference to the relevant law including Article 4 of the European Convention of Human Rights.

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