This is essay about humanities so I need a Humanities major or anyone who got their degree in Humanities. 
There are 3 questions number 1 through 3 you need to answer it all and there is another 4 questions from number 4 to 7 that you need to choose one of the questions and interpret it. 
7 pages= 1925, 1925/4= 481.25 you don’t have to write the words exactly same with 481.25 but please distribute the words equal as much as possible and please don’t cite anything. Each question has to be answered by essay format introduction, developments and conclusion.

  1. In 594 B.C. Solon established the (1) income tax for all citizens, and the (2) “G.I.Bill of Rights” for those having served in the military. Explain how these ideas work today in making a society powerful and independent.
  2. Explain why The Code of Hammurabi (the first written law in human history.) was significant in world history and culture.
  3. Explain the importance and significance of the following terms: “Gift of the Nile” , “Theocracy” , “Book of the Dead”


Please interpret one (1) of the following (according to Aeschylus) from the Oresteia, and Prometheus Bound:

  1. “men will not be honorable without the fear of punishment”
  2. “Those who make the laws do have to obey them.”
  3. “Justice exists only between those who are equal”

“laws are made by equals to be obeyed by those who are unequal


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