Identify the impact of domestic violence orders in regards to family law matters before

Queensland relevant legislation to be included as well as Federal if applicable.
Identify the impact of domestic violence orders in regards to family law matters before the court and the impact of the domestic violence protection orders on the presumption of equal shared parental responsibility.

Hint: you will need to look at family court and federal circuit court cases in regards to parenting orders made by the court. Did the fact that one parent had a protection order out against the other parent impact on the courts decision to order equal shared parental responsibility? Did it matter on the type of protection order? If the children are named in a protection order does that make a difference? How does the Family Court view DV protection orders? As a separate matter that another court has dealt with, or does it lead to sole parental responsibility? You may even be able to expand and look at the impact of DV protection orders on the requirement to participate in family dispute resolution prior to commencing court proceedings.

b. Your report should include: 
• Introduction
Your introduction should include a thesis statement
• Analysis of the Issues 
Make sure that you support your analysis with evidence wherever possible and that you fully explore all arguments put forward
• Conclusion
Summarize your findings
• Referencing (footnotes AND bibliography)

c. Your work should include references throughout. You should use the Australian Guide to Legal Citation. If you utilize material from a source, even if you do not directly quote it, you MUST reference it. FAILURE TO PROVIDE ADEQUATE REFERECING IS PLAGIARISM AND THIS CONSTITUTES ACADEMIC MISCONDUCT.

d. Your legal research paper should be approximately 4,000 words long.


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