importance of Communication, Leadership, and Motivation in increasing productivity

How a manager can encourage employees and increase their productivity?

Discuss the importance of Communication, Leadership, and Motivation in the firm.

What is the positive side of employees’ motivation?

– As presented in our senior guide which was sent earlier, please find below some highly important details to be considered regarding the Text and the content.

1. We will apply all the knowledge and technical skills earned during our previous academic years.
2. The text will start by an objective and finish with a conclusion
3. The text will include: an introduction, objectives of the research, SWOT Analysis, PEST Analysis, Problematic, and Research Questions, methodology of the research, Results, recommendations, and Conclusion.

By Text, we mean the full content of our senior project.

– Please note that our university provides access to EBSCO Services, which is an extremely rich online directory of high Quality Valid references, which are absolutely a necessity for every Senior Student.
Therefore, using EBSCO in our review of Literature will add value to our Text, and it is also one of the requirement of the Senior Guide.
You can access these resources by Opening your SIS from the and then press the Button “AUL Library” at the top left of the screen. choose the ESCO Discovery Services, and the search screen will open.

Please consider this source of information in your preparation,

– As we progress in our senior project, please find here-under some notes:

– Avoid including bullets

– References should be mentioned in the literature review for every paragraph

– The following font will be used: Times New roman; 12

– All the context is to be justified

– The spacing will be 1.5


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