Important moment in the global commodification of books

Research and write a short analysis of an important moment in the global commodification of one commodity (i.e., apples or automobiles, bananas or books, coffee or cement, etc.). This can be a recent or historical moment, but must be specific: do not write a historical overview of the commodity. Be sure to demonstrate your understanding of our assigned readings (Rivoli and Cronon) from Weeks 1-4 in your analysis (use these as foils* for your analysis). Your paper should cite assigned class readings, or journalistic or other sources, but in addition you must also make meaningful use of at least four academic, non-class sources (peer-reviewed books or journal articles). A detailed grading rubric will be available on Canvas. Your paper must be edited, proofread, double-spaced, 1” margins all around, and font 12-point Times New Roman, 1000-1200 words (~4-5 pages; not counting bibliography and illustrations).

Important moment in the global commodification of books


The commodification of a product implies the process in which the goods, service or ideas are transformed into objects or commodities for trading purposes. In this case, the commodities imply anything, which is intended to be traded, or any object or item which bears an economic value. A good example is that animals are considered as commodities when they are bought or sold. However, there exist critics of commodification on the ground that some commodities should not be treated as commodities. These include the data, education, and knowledge. Various products undergo a significant process in its commodification. There are several moments experienced during this commodification process. In relation to this, the present paper presents a comprehensive analysis of one moment in the commodification of books.

Commodification of books

As illustrated by Lovell, the commodification of books underwent a strategic process. They were among the earliest means of communicating ideas and information (679). The internet and other media currently challenge books as a vehicle for national culture. However, they have managed to maintain its privileged place as a vehicle for the literacy culture. Books are in this case considered as the dynamic system of the commodification of cultural expression and ideas.

It is therefore considered as a system, as compared to a material object in packaging storing, verification and permission of trade through the transfer of ownership. The economic value of the book lies in its creative system, where the artistic, innovative, creative, and scientific ideas can reach the audience. One of the significant moment of the commodification of books is the expansion of the Western notion of copyright. This moment is discussed below……………………………………………..

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