incentives to use for employees to motivated them to be the best that they can be at the job

 Talk a little about the topics – what are you talking about (1-2 paragraphs)
 Restate the question.
 Why is this question important? Why bother?
 What is the definition of the topic you are discussing?
Literature Review:
 What research has been done on the topic?
 Are there any gaps – any missing areas – that researchers have not examined?
 Summarize the literature in two paragraphs
 Why is this topic important to you specifically?
 What did you find that you can use?
 Expand and use your own ideas and thoughts.
 Implications: OK, you’ve come up with ideas – what are the implications for practical
use of this information?
 You need a page titled REFERENCES. This is not titled “Works Cited” or
 If you use ANY ideas that are not your own, they must be cited. For a good example,
refer to any of the articles in the Academy of Management Review, which is a journal of
theory (not data) papers.
 A minimum of 9 scholarly references.
Do not use:

Required pages:
 Cover sheet
 Body of paper with page numbers
 Reference page
Length of paper: 13 double spaced pages, not including cover sheet and reference page.
Good grammar, spelling, and punctuation are a requirement.
You must cite the references that you use in the paper


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