India and China Challenges

Week 4 – Case Exam 1
Case 6-4: China and India: Opportunities and Challenges
Part I: Evaluate the Evolving Balance of Economic Power Shift from the West to the East. (100points). 
Part II: Summarize China and India case in a paragraph. (75 points) 
Read the case carefully. Following the directions below, answer the questions and summarize the case. Submit the case responses and summary in one document to the Dropbox by Sunday of Week 4 at 5:30 p.m. CT. 
Part I: Evaluate the Evolving Balance of Economic Power Shift from the West to the East. (100 points)
Guidelines: You will divide your discussion in three paragraphs:
Paragraph 1
• The first paragraph must discuss the shift of economy power that has been taking place over many years. Explain the rationale of this shift by supporting your ideas by some facts. Compare India and China to the United States (identify the area in which USA is producing most of its educational outputs than China and India); and discuss the relevance of the educational outputs in the three countries; then explain how the US educational output is incompatible with the jobs creation. Discuss with facts if the shift will continue. Why or why not? 
Paragraph 2
• The second paragraph should discuss the belief of the younger generations of Chinese and Indians in reference to the economic power shift. Explain how the motivated generations will impact their economic growth and their respective countries will become the United States of a few decades ago. Analyze if these changes will test industrialized nations true commitment to global and open trade. 
Paragraph 3
• Finally, pinpoint the challenges that China and India are facing even with their educational success. Give some benchmarks to support your ideas. 
This assignment is a take home exam to allow students to demonstrate the analytical, integrative, critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Your work should reflect graduate work standing with smooth flow of ideas. Statements must always be supported by facts. Write to show what you have acquired in this marketing course and avoid misusing the personal pronoun “they” and the possessive pronoun “their” when referring to China or India. It will be preferable that you use “it” and “its”, respectively. Understand that deep analysis is required for these assignments.

Do not just write what you want to write, but you must be able to answer specifically the question that is asked in well-organized manner following the guideline. 
Note: You are not limited to the ideas aforementioned but they must be shown in your discussions. I strongly recommend that all ideas borrowed must be cited to avoid to be charged with the plagiarism.

Part II: Case Summary (75 Points)
Summarize the China and India Case. The case summary is not a case review, so your view or opinion will not be necessary. Identify and summarize the main points of the author(s) in a paragraph or few words. Your case summary must be submitted as a single document along with your case responses in Part I. 


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