Individual Project (principles of business excellence)

you should write a report about:

1- EFQM Model
2- choose one (only one International organization) and relate it to EFQM model (international excellence Model & quality award). 
3- how that organization or company you selected was awarded. 


The structure of your report should be as follows:

 Content page

 Introduction

 Introduction to the EFQM BE model.

 Background of the organisation chosen (it should be a thorough and overall description and include significance of your topic and problems, etc) 

The company’s improvement through the EFQM BE model 

 Conclusion and discussion (what the firm has done and shall be done; further suggestions). 

 References (cite your references both in the main text and in the list of references – in accordance with the Harvard Referencing System). 
 Appendices (any supporting graph or chart or statistics or material can be attached with the report)


other advices for the writer concerns, A good report will have:

– A clear and relevant title, summary and background of the organization
– A summary of the related literature (awareness of the definition of the key concepts)
– Proper and relevant methods of data collection and analysis
– Conclusions and recommendations are related and support your argument.
– Correct citations of all references both in the text and at the end of the report.


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