Individual Project Report

This report serves to highlight team member contributions to the final project. As such, the facilitator will take this report into consideration regarding the final project grade.
To assist the facilitator in grading your final projects, please write a Final Project Individual Report using the format below.
The report has two sections:
• Section 1 concerns your role in the project.
o State your assigned role and responsibilities
This is my duty step. I will upload file my draft. Also, Please look at Order Number 110204617.
I already had WRITTEN about These points below. I’m member “D”
6. Provide one example of a user input screen.
7. Discuss the following regarding the design of the output:
a. Source documents.
b. Data entry screen design.
c. Validation rules (discuss three).
8. Provide one example of a user output screen.
9. Discuss the following regarding the design of the output:
a. Purpose of the output?
b. Who wants the information provided by the output, why is it needed, and how will it be used?
c. What specific information is included?
d. Format – Printed, on-screen, both?
e. Device out designed for?
f. Timing – When will output be delivered, frequency, updated?
g. Security an issue?

o State your contribution(s) to the final project
o State the method(s) your team used to communicate
o Discuss your level of participation in team meetings
• Section 2 concerns your assessment of your teammates.
o List each person by name.
o Under each person’s name, list his assigned roles and responsibilities.
o Under each person’s name, provide your assessment (peer review) of each person.
• Discuss the quality of each person’s work. Please look at Duty for Each Member file
The assigned parts:
• Introduction – A member
• Background – A member
• Project Initiation – A member
• Project Management – A member
• Systems Analysis of Existing System – B member

New System
• 1 – 2 – Member B
• 3-5 – Member C
• 6-9 – Me
• Economic Analysis – Member A and C
• Conclusion – Member C
• Refernece List – ALL

• Discuss the timeliness of each person’s submissions.
• Discuss each person’s contributions to team meetings (e.g., Was he in attendance? Did he actively critique deliverables? Did he not provide constructive comments?).


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