Industrial Application of Energy Audit

energy audit in industry sector (dairy milk Preferred) and possible audit in Oman currency. coursework attached as well as all requirement.
Coursework Energy Audit and Energy Asset Management
Industrial Application of Energy Audit

The excessive use of energy in industrial sectors always necessitate to questions on how energy can be used more efficiently. Performing an energy audit would enable the energy audit analyst carefully evaluate the efficient use of energy. Problems are likely to occur when conducting energy audits for industrial/manufacturing facilities than for smaller commercial facilities or even large buildings since the equipment and operation of industrial facilities are more complex. 
In this coursework, you are expected to choose an industrial asset/facility and perform an energy audit on it. Indentify areas where potential problems can occur. Develop methods and clearly explain the approach used to address the problems. 
List the equipment/facility and estimate its energy consumption and demand using the data gathered at the facility such as ratings of the equipment, operating hours and consumption (expressed either in kWh, Therms, etc…). Develop energy balance for a list of Energy Conservation Measures (ECM). Use at least two ECM categories and consider the energy streams by discrete functions.
Firstly, obtain data information about the energy consumption of the system at the present state and identify the factors affecting to it. Secondly, identify the economic opportunities for improving the efficiency of the system and achieving cost savings. Give concluding remarks and recommendations based on your findings.

NOTE: A clear understanding of your description of the approach should be demonstrated and aligned to the assets/facility in question (see assessment criteria). 

Assessment Criteria Energy Audit and Energy Assets Management
Industrial Application of Energy Audit

[1]- All Reports should be written with a table of contents, which should have page numbers. Section headings and sub-headings should be numbered. Use font size 12, Times New Roman, double spacing. Coherent structure (showing consistency between report Sections) (5%)
[2]- Discuss the preliminaries of energy audit and industrial audit opportunities. Clearly define the types of energy audits and show how it applies to the industrial facility under study. 
[3]- The phases of energy audit involve; investigation, monitoring, analysis and reporting, show the reader within the first paragraph, how you intend to do these tasks. 
[4]- Give an explanation on how you use the three distinct energy audit process components (pre-site work, site visit and post site work) relating to the industrial facility investigated. 
[5]- Conduct an energy accounting data analysis on your industrial facility. Use graphs/charts to show the load factor, consumption trends and electricity cost demand. 
[6]- Give a breakdown of your energy conservation measures (ECM) realized and show how you could incorporate Operations and Maintenance (O&M) measures. (10%)
[7]- From the perspective of life cycle costs, the cheapest investment is usually not the most economical choice. If life cycle costing is taken into account in decision making, justify the choice in making decisions on investment. (20%)


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