Information Commercial


Info Commercial

You are to develop an Info Commercial (YouTube presentation) on a topic of your choice. However, 1) you are to be present (seen) in the presentation, 2) use non copyrighted music in the background sometime during the presentation and 3) add any other thing you desire to make your presentation standout. The time restriction is to be no longer than three minutes. You will 1) Play your presentation in class from a YouTube site for all students to see (if not presented in class then half credit for the assignment is given) and it will be graded on if it has the three elements listed above and on how unique it is, and 2) You must turn in a one-page sheet with the following explanations: A) What you did (list the items presented) and B) What you learned from the assignment. You will post your one-page sheet in Blackboard, and post your Info Commercial presentation on YouTube with the name of the link in your paper.

this is my video i talked about the LED light i will need you to write about it that you can get it from amazon and its for 35$ also the light has many different colors and you can connected to the speaker. Take a look at it and you will know whats going on. if you have any questions please email.


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