information system- MS-IS

Group project (25%): Students will form a group of four. As a group, students will be asked to come up with an analysis of an information system and an alternative design plan. The project consists of three phases, and students should meet each due date.
Phase 1 (5%): Due on March 14th, Monday. Students should select a topic, do background research, and complete requirements determination.
Format requirements: 5 pages, single-spaced, 1 in margin, 12 pt. times new roman or equivalent
Should include 5 or more references
Expected component: problem justification, background research, explanation of requirements determination techniques that you will use, and a table of requirements and explanation

Phase 2 (5%): Due on April 11th, Monday. Systems analysis and modeling. Students should present their systems analysis using various modeling techniques.
Expected components: 1 use case diagram, 1 activity diagram, 1 CRC card snapshot, 1 class diagram, 1 sequence diagram. All diagrams should be adequately explained and submitted as a single document.

Final phase (15%): Due on May 9th . Students will submit (1) a systems analysis documentation (10%) and deliver (2) an oral presentation (5%). The final phase are assigned 15 points.
Expected components: all components from P1 and P2 (they should be improved). 1 design class diagram, 1 design sequence diagram, 1 state machine diagram, 1 snapshot of interface design, and an extended discussion.
10 or more references

An exemplary work from Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be presented to the class by students. Those students will get one extra point for the short oral presentation.


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