Information Systems Management

Coursework Assignment Brief


Module Title: Information Systems Management
Programme BSc (Honours)
Level: Level 6
Format: Report
Presentation: No
Any special requirements: All work should be submitted on the Student Portal along with an acceptable Turnitin Report
Word Limit: 2,500 words (with 10% plus or minus leeway)
Learning outcomes to be examined in this assessment Understand how and why database systems are specified, designed, implemented, tested, maintained and used.

Analyse an organisations’ requirements for data storage and information gathering and how managerial decisions are influenced.

Evaluate the concept of database management and the technical responsibilities of a database administrator.

Percentage of marks awarded for module: This assignment is worth 50% of the total marks for the module


Candidates must clearly label their ID Number on additional separate reference, formula or answer sheets.



Assignment Task

With the increasing need of all organisations to collect and store data, database management has become a key component of business efficiency. Concerns about data security and data efficiency are more important than ever.

Your task is to prepare a report into how organisations are dealing with the security threats to their data and databases and how they are protected, presenting the best practice in dealing with security and efficiency issues.

Your report should include full references in Harvard style.

Total marks for assignment: 100

Marking Criteria

Fail: The report does not fulfil the requirements of the task by not researching and referencing the work adequately, poor formatting and high Turnitin score.

Pass: In order to achieve a pass, your report should provide a range of information about database security and data efficiency currently available providing some detail about best practice.

This should include an adequate introduction, adequate coverage of background information, discussion demonstrating basic understanding, but limited to a factual account only, with little discussion.

Also, superficial reporting, no demonstration of in-depth understanding of topic and the conclusion doesn’t raise issues for further exploration. Clearly presented, spell checked. A few sources referenced, only basic texts on a restricted range of subjects.

2.2: In order to achieve a 2:2 mark, your report should show the above plus an evaluation of the benefits to an organisation of good security and efficiency. Including a clear presentation in identifiable sections, with a conclusion and basic sources listed on a limited range of subjects, referenced in Harvard.

2.1: In order to achieve a 2:1 mark, your report should contain the above plus critical commentary on the different methods used for improvement and security of data. Including clear presentation with identifiable sections and conclusion and a number of sources listed on a range of subjects, referenced in Harvard.

First: In order to achieve a First class mark, your report should provide the above, plus analysis of the whole market for security and efficiency improvements and the possible future developments and the benefits these would give.

To include, appropriate introduction, good coverage of background information on the topic and discussion of area addressed shows good understanding. Good conclusion demonstrating curiosity. Readable and clear layout, good illustration with some diagrams and or examples, adequately annotated. Good range of literature and sources (since 1995), fully referenced in Harvard style.


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