Information Systems Project Management

BCO6002 – IS Project Management 2015-16




Students are required to project manage the planning processes of the Case Study provided. The aim is to apply the concepts, theories and models that are integral to this Project Management module. Students are required to use the version of Microsoft Project provided at UWIC that is utilized within current business arenas. This assignment is designed to provide the students with knowledge of, and experience with Project Management software and experience of exercising, and justifying, judgements that a Project Manager would have to make in dynamic business environments.


Initially Students will work in groups but by week 5 they are required to work independently to build up a report for Assignment 1 detailed below:


Preparatory Tasks

Seminars 1 and 2 – In the first instance you are required to explore and examine ‘hands on’ the different characteristics and elements and their uses that the Microsoft Project software has to offer. In other words what are they, what do they do and how you can use them?


Seminars 3 and 4

Perform tasks and example activities provided in the module seminar sessions 3 & 4 to demonstrate that you have a good understanding of how to apply the software to your assignment. Save the results.





From Week 5 – independent study.


Students will be provided with the Case Study in Week 5

Students must start to build up the project documentation relevant to the case study scenario provided.


In week 12 students are required to submit a written Project Report for assessment

The report will contain three sections :


Section 1 involves the following activities:

Students will be provided with profiles of employees and their related cost and availability and the anticipated duration of project. They are required, using Belbin’s theories and strategies to select a Project Team. They are required to critically evaluate the staff profiles and put forward a rationale to support their team selection.


  • Put forward an initial estimated Project Cost with critical rationale
  • Produce an initial appropriate Network Diagram detailing and explaining the tasks and their dependencies on the Critical Path
  • Produce an initial appropriate Gantt Chart


Section 2


Respond to the ‘unexpected’ problems that occur from week 7. Students will be provided with a series of problems that affect the proposed project plan. For example, employees experiencing availability problems, changing costs, restructure of project priorities and so on. Students are required to detail how they as Project Manager managed the problems experienced and implemented changes, what actions they took and why. This will require them to recalculate the project costs and produce an amended Network Diagram, Gantt Chart Critical Path and any other relevant issues that they identify. Each problem should have sufficient underpinning rationale of the solution provided.


Section 3


Students must select an appropriate system development approach for the proposed project from the range of development approaches discussed in the lecture sessions. Students must critically justify their choice and outline how the discarded approaches are unsuitable. Students are required to present evidence of independent research through references and citations that includes journals and books. Evidence of critical analysis and literature review essential.


Please note that there is a limitation of only 25% website references.


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