Report requirements:
Type: Individual work
Style: report
Word count: 2000 words
References: Harvard style

Learning Outcomes Assessed:

1.    Demonstrate a critical understanding of key theoretical constructs and models relating to innovation, its significance, nature and development.


1. Innovation at Witzenmann

“Witzenmann is a family-owned enterprise founded in 1854 and based in Pforzheim, Germany.  Witzenmann is a leading player in the flexible metal industry, providing solutions to automotive, aerospace, and building technology industries. With over 2,500 patents, Witzenmann considers innovation a top priority for growth and competitive advantage”.  Source:

Based on a case study of Witzenmann your task is to identify and critically assess the components of an innovative organization.  You must integrate theoretical models from study materials and readings on the module.
Your discussion must include a critical discussion of different market conditions.

Assessment criteria:

Coursework 2: Evaluation based on the listed criteria.
Ability to identify and examine the key elements of relevant theory
Ability to analyze and critically assess the construct/models and to integrate theoretical models of Innovation Management from study materials and readings on the module in the analysis.    35%
Ability to give a critical discussion  to the market implication question in each assignment     40%
Range of sources, references     5%

2.    you should use 4 academic journal which is not so old . it should be after 2005.

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