Innovation technology

Assignment 1 – Background

A Total Innovation Management (TIM) philosophy enables an organisation to deliver innovative products and services, creating an appropriate working environment to attract and retain staff. 
Implementation of such a philosophy and achieving a complete organisational system that is constantly improving, growing, and developing however, requires a large commitment, many hands and detailed analysis of the process and activities of the organization.
Assignment 1–Case Study Deliverable
Prepare a report of 2,000 words (+/-10%) that addresses the following topics:
Note the marking criteria for each part of this report.

Topic Link to Learning Outcomes Marks Possible
Choose an organisation and identify and critically assess the key Innovation strategies and their impact on the organisation
(800 words). LO1 – 4 35
Identify and critically assess how the selected organisation manages the innovation portfolio and how this impacts the selected business(800 words). LO1 – 4 35
Identify and critically assess the impact of undertaking all innovation development internally within an organisation.
(400 words). LO1 – 4 20
Structure and quality of report along with academic underpinning and referencing in APA format. 10
Total Marks Available 100


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