Intercultural communication

Consider the following and determine how the communities that would exhibit these behaviours may be classified according to cultural classification models. Please explain your rationale.

1. In some communities arranged marriages are the norm and in other’s the individual is expected to choose their life partner; without judgment of wrong or right, what cultural elements do you believe impact this behaviour. How do you believe communities that support arranged marriages and communities that support individual arrangements view the concept of love?

2. In some communities public displays of emotion are the social norm and expectation and in other communities public displays of emotion are not the norm. How do you believe communities with these behaviours view outward expressions of anger – like yelling?

Please provide reasons for your opinion citing some of the material provided (as well as other materials you may have found) to support your thinking. As well, where possible, please draw from your personal experiences when engaging in this discussion.

Post your response to these questions and your rationale on the discussion board called “cultural classifications”.

You must provide a minimum of 2 references in APA format from this week’s course materials or other relevant research to support your points.

Please remember to be thoughtful and respectful of different values and beliefs than your own; again this is not a question of right or wrong, but of difference and diversity.p(1)

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