international business

Course Comprehensive Project

The course comprehensive portion helped me to visualize how the IP5 will be formatted. The outline helped to articulate the project in its simplest form. The course comprehensive project also helped to project to other classmates some ideas on how to get started on their unit 5 IP. The exchange of ideas projects a creative environment. Research helped me to understand by gathering resources and viewing examples it will aid in the success of completing the unit 5 IP.


The intellipath in Units 1-4 helped me to know the language of a case briefing. In unit 1 a case briefing was described immediately. Units 2 through 4 helped me to gain the knowledge of international business and law. Legal terms that are not a part of everyday use were utilized throughout this course and intellipath.

Career advancement

The competencies and knowledge that can support career advancement in management is the understanding of law and how it affects a business internationally and nationally. Having this knowledge will also help any manager to recognize international environments through research of historical instances. In many cases history repeats itself and it is a huge part of law. Having this knowledge and competencies will help all of us exceed the management and become a leader i.e., CEO, President, and Vice President.
Dear writer, APA, 3 references, 1-page, this is what I did. I copied unit 1-4 from another students homework. My assignment unit 5 is at the bottom of this page. Let me no if you need anything and I’ll get it for you. Tracy

Unit 1 DB
How will accomplishing these objectives support your success in management?
Thru understanding what International Laws are, will enable us to better understand what boundaries we have as business makers when dealing with other countries. These laws give us the foundation for what we can and cannot do as well as what other countries can and cannot do. Going into a global business and having the understanding of the International Laws helps take the “blinders” off our eyes, gives us insight up front as to what is expected of everyone.

What risks or challenges might a manager encounter if he or she has not mastered these objectives? Explain.
Not understanding the International Laws could be disastrous should you not understand them. In politics, it could cause wars among our nations should we try to change rules or not follow what treaties are in place. On a smaller scale, the consequences are probably not as drastic but by avoiding those mistakes, you will save your company a great deal of embarrassment. Loss of time is another thing you can lose if you do not have a thorough understanding of the International Laws. Merging with another global company is a huge step and one you can lose in a matter of seconds if you do not have the knowledge of what is expected of you. You invest your money into this transaction, be certain you don’t risk losing it. Hire a professional team that is educated in International Law, allowing them make all the preparations, negotiations, etc. and permits you, the management team, to focus on other aspects of the operation.
Unit 2 DB
What questions do you have about these assignments in Units 1–4?
Regarding DB4, we are to post an executive summary of our comprehensive project. I am confused as to what “comprehensive project” it is referring to. The 4 Brief’s? If so, are we to pick one case and write about it?
What questions do you have about the overarching Unit 5 assignment?
I have done the research for each of the 4 Briefs, and noticed the assignment calls for 5-7 pages, is this for all 4 briefs combined?
Although it is not due until the end of the class, it is important that you begin planning for this project early in the course. What are your initial thoughts about how you will approach this assignment? Explain.
I started working on IP 5 in lesson 1, as I always do. I have learned with my contract job, here lately we have been working 14 hours and exhaustion sets in after a couple of days. I have found leaving the assignments for the last 2 weeks is not practical for me and with the “uncertainty” of my schedule. This allows me plenty of time for research, reconstruction of the words and the final process of making it as close to perfection as I can.
Picking out the important parts of each case is going to be my challenge. Right now, I have just completed the research portion and the lengthy part will be summarizing each case to fit on 1 page!!!!
Unit 3
Describe the process that you plan to use to conduct research, identify findings, and develop the comprehensive project that is due in Unit 5.
I have found using many of the material Professor Baime has provided us as very useful. I have used the school library but found most of my materials came from researching the internet.

Present a preliminary outline that indicates how you intend to organize the project deliverable.
I entered all the information from the individual case into a word document
I sorted thru the information and picked out what I felt was the most important data.
In my research, I chose the most comfortable format of a brief for me (see below)
Using my format, I used the selected data and inserted it into the categories of the brief outline.
Procedural History
Factsof the Case
Legal Issue(s)
Concurring/dissenting opinions
Unit 4 DB
Executive Summary

When dealing with International companies, it is important to have multilateral trade agreements in place. These agreements need to cover a minimum of three (3) nations who desire regulating a transaction involves three or more countries who wish to regulate trade between the nations without discrimination. In these agreements, Lower trade barriers are negotiated between all parties involved. Once the agreements are in place, they are governed by the International regulations which are enforced by Organizations within the International Organizations (unknown, n.d.).

Barriers and Quotas are often seen when dealing with International trading, the most common one is tariffs. Tariffs are the taxes seen on imported goods. The quota is the limitation on how much product can be imported in the country.

Patent types

Plant, Design, Utility, Re-issuing of existing patents, Defensive publications and Statutory Invention Registrations are some of the types of Patents seen in International Trading across the world.

Four Modes of Supply
International trade is outlined in four categories:
1: Cross border trading. (The distribution of services from one country to another)
2: Consumption abroad. (Supplying a service from one country to another)
3: Commercial presence. (Dealing with services from one country to another supplier. covers
4: Presence of natural persons. (Covering services which are provided by a supplier in one country via the existence of a natural person in that area which covers services provided by a service supplier) (unknown, Types of patents, n.d.).
Some of the trade services would be banking, checkups done by a medical provider or Information Technology (unknown, Bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, n.d.).
The UK is the most significant exporter amongst all the EU Member States in international trading. In 2013, the UK carried 21.5% of all exports which left the EU for non member countries. The UK reported to have the topmost surplus for with an estimated 79 billion Euros. France reported they had 21.7 billion and Germany had 13.5 billion. Ireland reported a shortage of 3.7 billion in Euros (unknown, Bilateral and multilateral trade agreements, n.d.).

With every business deal, there are risks. Economically, we see indebtedness of buyers, the product or service not being accepted and a fluctuation in exchange rates. Political risks might be licensing is not renewable, war or the hassles involved after delivering a product. There are risks for the buyers where government policies might change, regulations for controlling the exchanges or not enough foreign currency. Other risks could be language, not familiarizing yourself with foreign markets, breach contracts or Mother Nature causing hazards to areas in which the market is being produced (unknown, Risks in International Trade, 2010).

The World Trade Organization (WTO) manages the International Trade. After registering with the WTO, they will provide statistics on goods, services, intellectual property, environmental issues, developments, policy reviews, disputed settlements and government procurements (unknown, World Trade Organization, n.d.).
International trade and investment

The world’s economic growth depends on trades and investments. This can be done by changing geopolitics, business models, and societal expectations into a new level. (unknown, International Trade and Investment, n.d.).


North America was the primary region for trade in 2012 which held 28% of all exportations and 32% of all importing transactions (unknown, International trade in services, 2014).

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Unit 5 DB
Competencies and Knowledge

Discuss the following:

What competencies were you able to develop in researching and writing the course comprehensive project?
How did you leverage the knowledge that you gained in the intellipath assignments (Units 1–4) in completing the comprehensive project?
How will these competencies and knowledge support your career advancement in management?


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