International Business Environmental Analysis

International Business Environmental Analysis

Subject: International Affairs/Relations
Please note the below assessment overview which you need to follow:

You’re from a consulting firm called Global Consulting Group. You are approached by the CEO of an award winning Australian winery Balgownie Estate Vineyard. The vineyard has won awards locally and nationally. Balgownie Estate has established markets in parts Europe and the US, and they are considering an entry into Germany in the year 2014.
Balgownie Estate requires you to write an Environmental Analysis Report (1000 words) on Germany’s Cultural, Economic, Political and Legal Environments, both external and internal as well as report on the National & Global Trends. Be sure to use plenty of tables & diagrams when completing this report.

As you can tell this is a business report that we need to base on actual environmental facts when considering entry into Germany in 2014.
Balgownie Estate is a real Australian company who manufactures wines so you need to research this company and link them to this report which based on exporting wine from Australia and importing into Germany. Any information you cannot find on Balgownie which is required for this report please make assumptions.

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