International Development – DJENAIR SA Case Study

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You are responsible of the international development at DJENAIR SA, manufacturer and marketer of fans, air conditioners, radiators, ceiling fans to consumer etc … (Turnover : €57 million – 315 employees). The headquarters are based in Paris, France. The products are well known for their quality and design.

The company gives you the management of the international development

1°- What do you do ?

2°- You have to make a study of the different marketing methods based on the possible types of contract, from France and above, subcontracting, partnership and complete control.

What propositions can you make and what type of control would you systematically propose when you will initiate a business relationship with a new contact.

3°- Make a risk analysis of your company, depending on the type of contract or organisation (broker, commercial agent, distributor, subsidiary company, …), including the risks do to logistics and customs.

You will show a check-list of the whole risks possible that the company takes when it want to go international.

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