International Negotiations

International Negotiations

Analyse an international business negotiation case from secondary data (web, journal articles, news magazines) and apply it to the theoretical underpinning.

analyse the negotiation case between Volkswagen and the Chinese manufacturer, or any international business negotiation case that you familiar with (can be discussed).
It would be good to include Ghauri’ framework (Background, Atmosphere, Negotiation Process, Culture, Strategy) and Weiss Framework (RBC) / Salacuse Framework (Negotiation Styles) / Ott Framework (Clashes between LMR cultures – Cooperation and Conflict). Pick Ghauri’s Framework and one of the others.

For the coursework structure:
1. Topic – it should consist of a negotiation analysis of a current or historic international conflict of the choosing either from the international business or relations field. Drawing on relevant negotiation literature and theory, it should include identifying primary and secondary parties, positions, interests, options, behaviours, styles and strategies.
2. Literature review – choose theoretical concepts and frameworks that fits to the problem identified. Criticise or find literature to support
3. Analysis – combine practical insights into the negotiation process and the theoretical underpinning from the literature. The analysis could be an international business case such as Joint Venture, Merger, Take-overs.
4. Conclusion – advice how that party should proceed with the negotiation, given the data in the analysis. it should also include attention to preparation, power dynamic, culture and negotiation and decision analytic issues, and coalitions, where relevant.
5. References – can you please include the sources in my course reading list that i will put in the additional files
6. Appendix

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