International Organization (QUANTITATIVE RESEARCH DESIGN


International Organisation

Assessment – One 3000 word essay, one 2 hour exam


  1. Critically assess the theoretical and empirical validity behind the claim that international organisations are actors in international politics.
  2. ‘It is impossible to create effective international institutions without the participation of the hegemon’. Critically assess with reference to two issue-areas.
  3. Critically assess the claim that international courts and tribunals are epiphenomenal with reference to at least two specific institutions.
  4. Critically assess the claim that democracies in comparison to other regime types cooperate more with other states.
  5. Is it possible to understand inter-state cooperation without reference to norms and identities? Critically assess with reference to two issue-areas.
  6. Can any (IR) theory adequately explain the failure to tackle climate change at the global level?
  7. To what extent can the global human rights regime be understood and explained by using rational choice theories?
  8. International economic institutions (the World Bank, the IMF, the WTO) are more interested in preserving the status quo than promoting development. Discuss with reference to two institutions.
  9. ‘The failure of the UN to preserve peace and security after the end of the cold war vindicate the neo-realist critique of collective security’. Critically assess .

NB Please see course outline for full details about essay questions and assessment


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