International Public Health – Non Communicable Disease

Task description A3 EXTERNAL


Assessment 3: Major individual assessment

Due date: 22 January 2016

Time due: 5:00 pm

Weighting: 50% of total course mark



Participants will each submit an assignment on the population approaches to the prevention and control of a selected or related group of NCDs in a specific country or region of their choosing. Participants are expected to briefly outline the epidemiology of the selected NCD and its associated risk factors, with specific reference to the burden of disease and the evolution of the NCD and risk factors in the chosen country or region. Participants will then critically evaluate the current approaches to prevention and control in the chosen country/region, their strengths, weaknesses and challenges. Evidence-based suggestions supported by scientific and peer-reviewed literature, for future directions in NCD prevention and control in the context of the chosen country will then be outlined.


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