Interpretation Of Survey Results

Assessment Instructions
For this assessment, develop a written analysis integrating your findings from the previous assessment components. Write your paper from the viewpoint that you are presenting the information to an audience that is interested in your results. Include graphical representations as well as explanation of descriptive and inferential measures, relating these components to the context of your survey. Only make claims that the data you collected can support.

The goal of your analysis and interpretation is to take the data that was collected and turn it into useful and usable information. Look for lessons that you learned from your data collection and results. What did you learn about the participants? What surprised you? Did you expect any of the results? Are there issues that arose that you did not understand? These may require further, more in-depth research. Discuss any limitations of the study.

In your paper:

Interpret and communicate your results to your target audience.
Include a brief summary of your population, sampling techniques, and survey.
Communicate results, interpretation, and analysis of all assessments, including graphs (circle, bar, histogram), measures of central tendency, measures of variation, confidence intervals, and hypothesis tests.
The focus should be on interpretation and analysis, rather than a summary of results. Every survey question should be addressed in your interpretation. You will not be able to comment on every little finding, so you will have to make some judgments about what might be the most interesting or revealing results.

Formatting Instructions
Submit a 5–7 page, double-spaced paper that includes the following sections:

Title Page.
Brief Overview of Survey. Briefly describe the overall goal of study, population, sampling techniques, and survey.
Findings and Results. Summarize the results of the survey.
Analysis of Results. Interpret and analyze survey results.
What did you learn from your survey?
What conclusions could you reach based on the survey results?
What surprised you?
Did you expect any of the results?
Are there issues that arose that you did not understand?
What was the significance of the study related to the issue in your personal or professional life that you wanted to examine?
Limitations and Constraints of the Study.
Recommendations for Future Study. What further study would help you examine the issue of interest in this study?


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