Interpretations and questions about this book(College students in the united states)to page 133

Answer the following questions in a word document ,full sentences and in paragraph form,12 -point font. No more than one to two pages for all three questions is expected.
** having read the first 133 pages in college students in the united states (Renn and three questions
1-because the students who are likely to need the most support during the transition to college are also the students least likely to have to needed information ,how can instructions make certain that these students are aware of-and make use of – the support systems available to them )P.70, implications for students)
2-how do students learn about institutional types and environments? To what extent to precollege interactions (in person, online, through other media) help students understand the type and culture of campus? To what extent are students able to consider these factors before enrolling? What is the relationship among a good “fit” with the campus environment, persistence and success? (P.111 Implications for students)
3-to what extent, if at all, is it necessary for students to understand institutional goals for their learning and development? Should institutions be explicit in describing the cognitive , interpersonal development that they seek to foster in students ?P 132,Implications for students)
*Please read the book and answer these questions as perfect as you can ,and answer all small different questions because in one question has many small questions .
*I uploaded page 70-111-132 from the book maybe you need it for these questions because my professor focus on it for the assignment so please make sure you read them .


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