Interview with a Older adult Final paper

Interview with a Older adult Final paper


Overview: Interview with an Older Adult

write a 3-5 page paper that includes all summaries of your two interviews. In addition to the paper, you will develop a Nursing Intervention Plan of Care for the older adult.

Learning Objectives
• Describe strategies that can be used to maintain maximal function and increase an individual’s ability for self-care.
• Discuss the goals of pain management for the elderly.
• Identify factors that create a healthy, fulfilling life in later adulthood.
• Write a 3-5 page paper summarizing your two interviews of the client; NOTE: as you record the client’s information, use only their initials; include the following details:
1. List of client’s strengths and weaknesses
2. Your overall impression of the client’s needs (i.e. family/caregiver needs); if necessary, include a brief history to provide a holistic understanding of the client’s situation
• Develop a Nursing Intervention Plan of Care identifying two nursing diagnoses (needs) for the client:


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