Introduction Of Molecular Gastronomy in the kitchen

Instructions Are provided in the 2 Files Attached with this Order
1) first file includes my proposal for the topic so that the writer get an Idea what I want from him
2) second file includes idea about how to proceed for the Dissertation.
Note :- please read the instruction from the second file carefully I want all the topics to be covered in my dissertation also from my proposal draft you have to relate the main dissertation as it is necessary.
please try to be descriptive
3) Referencing style to be opted is Harvard style and while doing referencing
4) At least Above 100 references must be included in the Dissertation all the referencing must be done in Harvard style of referencing.
2) Various sources must be included like Newspaper Articles, journals, academic books, lectures, and all.
3) All the paragraphs must be linked to each other there shoul be a flow while reading.
4) Also referencing must link back to the Dissertation text and 3 to 5 in text referencing must be there in each and every paragraph.
5) Conclusion must conclude the whole essay in one paragraph and it must be a good conclusions.
6) All the Example or the writing way to be opted must be from United kingdom ( please try to).


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