Introduction to early childhood education: Equity and inclusion. New York NY: Pearson

Application: Supporting Co-Constructed Relationships

According to the DEC/NAEYC joint position statement on early childhood inclusion, collaboration among key stakeholders, including families, practitioners, specialists, and administrators, is a cornerstone for implementing high-quality early childhood inclusion (2009, p. 4). Therefore, resources and program policies promoting multiple opportunities for communication, collaboration, and partnership among these groups are critical. As you have been learning, supporting co-constructed relationships—providing families with social support and promoting family empowerment – is an essential component to developing effective partnerships with families.

For this Application Assignment, develop a checklist that preschool teachers can use to assess the effectiveness of policies and practices designed to support co-constructed relationships. When creating your checklist, include the following:

Provide a statement highlighting the importance of co-constructed relationships in high-quality, inclusive services.
State the overall goals of policies and practices that support social support.
State the overall goals of policies and practices that support family empowerment.
Include a checklist of at least 6 policies and practices that support co-construction, including those targeted toward social support and promoting family empowerment.
Assignment length: 2–3 pages


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