Introduction to Evaluation Research

  Consult the recent peer-reviewed literature to identify a health or social program of interest to you. (Worksite Wellness program ). Be sure to identify a specific program and not an agency as this would be too broad for the scope of this assignment. Write a 3-page paper that addresses the following:
1. Discuss the mission of the organization responsible for implementing the program.
2. Identify the program’s short- and/or long-term goals.
3. Identify the program’s (measurable) objectives. Please note that you will be working with this in a future assignment and the objectives must be well-defined by the program—not by you.
4. Gather as much information about the program as possible since the remainder of the Session Long Project will focus upon information specific to the program.
NOTE: The rationale for this assignment is to provide an opportunity for you to look deeper into the organizational mission and goals that serve as context for the program.
Be sure to cite all references throughout your paper and to provide a reference list at the end of the document.

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