Investigation of the risk for the presence of Campylobacter species in other sources than poultry

It should be also investigated which is the current legislation within the E.U., if it is sufficient for the safety of the consumers and the differences in the food law between E.U., Denmark and other Scandinavian countries.
What are the methods of isolating Campylobacter from foods?
Thesis outline:
Even though Campylobacter are most common found in poultry, it is reported that it can be found in other sources like beef meat and vegetables in which the focus of this study will be on. There is a hypothesis that the meat which is exposed to the hot deboning procedure could possibly carry Campylobacter therefore it would be interesting to record the origin of these meat products that are imported and are present in the Danish supermarkets and examine some of them to observe the risk of the presence of Campylobacter on these products. Furthermore, there are studies describing the presence of Campylobacter in vegetables, but the information is not considered enough, comparing to the existed information in other food products, therefore imported vegetable products will also be examined in order to see if there is the risk of the presence of Campylobacter species and the conditions of the survival of the bacteria in vegetables will be discussed. Finally, the survival of the potential isolates will be monitored after the inoculation on other vegetable products and similar data of preexisted literature will be collocated.


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