Investment Homework

1) Calculate the monthly returns of one Bond Index ETF and one Stock Index ETF using the past 4-5 years’ prices from Yahoo Finance.

2) Calculate the average return, standard deviation of the two ETFs and their correlation coefficient.

3) Now compute the return and the standard deviation of a portfolio (of the 2 ETFs) as you change the portfolio combinations (weights of the two ETFs).

4) Draw the Hyperbola (also known as Markowitz Bullet). Mark the Axes, Minimum Variance Portfolio, and Efficient Frontier.

5) Finally find the risk-free rate (US Treasury yield – take 5 or 10 years bond); and draw the tangent line.

Refer to this file:

Work on Excel and Submit in a word document. Ensure that all the details are available in the word document [ETF names and symbols, all the statistical numbers, portfolio risk/return, risk-free rates, the and chart(s)].


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