Investment Proposal focusing on just the Commercial Aspects Investment Proposal focusing on just the Commercial Aspects

Business/company name; Premier Polaroid is a local digital photography company specialising on academic/social events that involve a team of dedicated Business students attending academic/ social events, local pubs and taking polaroid pictures for £2. 
The task is to design an Investment Proposal focusing on just the Commercial Aspects; clearly presenting the commercial potential of the business idea, including; Originality, Patent/copyright, path to market, overall value potential, Business model for growth for the business (e.g. agent, license, franchise etc.)
explain the need for resources, attract a potential investor to the business idea, and solicit investment in the company. The Investment Proposal should make it easy for an investor to see the impact of their investment; and to understand how they will be able to track the success of the company on the real market and how they will collect their return. Clear logical structure, paragraphs clearly sequenced and flowing. referencing using the Harvard system.


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