isk assessment /risk strategy of (a chosen infrastructure)

to develop an 10-12 page comprehensive written risk assessment and risk management strategy for a particular infrastructure system(s) utilizing one or a combination of the risk methodologies studied in the course. As a first step, learners will provide a detailed analysis of the infrastructure system itself, consisting of the following elements: system definition/description; summary of stakeholders and their perspectives on the system; pertinent historical incidents affecting similar systems. Next, learners will use their knowledge of the infrastructure system selected to comprehensively identify vulnerabilities, describe the types of threats that could exploit these vulnerabilities, and estimate how compromising the system will adversely affect the interests of one or more stakeholders. Learners will then identify various approaches/options for mitigating system vulnerabilities and evaluate them in terms of their costs and benefits and ability to reduce or manage risk. ..MSRAM, and or CARVER models should be used


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