Issues related to housing access and health care

As public administrators, we may be tasked to make recommendations or policy proposals on a variety of issues. Issues related to housing access and health care are particularly heated in our current political and policy agenda environment. Initiatives surrounding special populations can gain favor (e.g. ending veteran, youth, or family homelessness) in some settings; but what about the single adult, chronic population? Why should communities and policy makers pay attention to this population? Our readings span a range of related topics on the issues of housing and health care for chronically homeless individuals and families.

Please incorporate some of our early conversations on the policy formulation process and stakeholder engagement for this week’s discussion (select at least two of the articles posted for your analysis). Some questions to consider in your posts are:

Do we (public administrators) have any obligation to address the issues of homelessness beyond an economic, data driven conversation?

How can the issue of homelessness impact the sustainability of communities? The overall health of communities/neighborhoods?

Should policy makers/public administrators be concerned with access to housing and health care? Particularly among vulnerable population who may be experiencing a mental health issue or have a diagnosed serious mental illness?

How would you frame a policy proposal aimed at providing housing for our chronically homeless population? What data would be important for this conversation?

Share any “ah-ha” moments from this week’s readings or any other substantive conversation you would like to address with your peers on this issue.


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