IT resource for customers who need periodic assistance

Your employer, Beta Consulting Group (BCG), is an IT resource for customers who need periodic assistance. BCG helps their clients and customers evaluate their computer needs, install computer peripherals, and conduct training. A new venture for BCG is building websites and e-commerce applications per the customer’s specifications. The BCG customer base includes companies in all sizes and industries. However, BCG has mostly worked with companies in the insurance industry.

One of BCG’s new customers, City Security Insurance Company (CSIC), has asked BCG to update its e-commerce website. CSIC has an existing website, but it needs to be updated since they have added new services to their company portfolio. The new services include insurance coverage for e-commerce, employment-related practices liability, management protection, medical professional liability, and a whole new area of international insurance. CSIC has grown internationally with offices in Mexico City, Tokyo, Dubai, London, and Montreal. CSIC corporate headquarters are located in New York City. The new locations and services are not listed on the company’s website.

The top management at CSIC wants to build a new corporate website. BCG has agreed to submit a proposal to meet CSIC’s needs by building a new website to support their global business.

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