IV ultrasound

Bioinstrumentation: Midterm Paper, Presentation, and Research Article Analysis:

1) Prepare a document that answers the following questions
a. What is the main biosignal (measurand) to be sensed by this sensor/instrument?
b. What are sources of error, noise, or background that interfere with measuring the signal?
c. What clinical reason(s) create the need to measure these signals?
d. Find a commercial (clinical or research) instrument, download the specifications sheet, and list some of the specifications here.
e. What is the sensitivity of the instrument? The range? The resolution?
f. How does signal get in (control signal) and out (data)? For example, what ports are used, what types of connections? This could be as simple as electrical leads, or could be an I2C bus, RS232 to USB, etc.
g. What is the sensing principle? Write an equation that describes the sensing principle, and that incorporates the measurand and the electrical parameter that tracks the biosignal.
h. Is the sensor (not the instrument) linear or nonlinear? How about the instrument?
i. Find a research article using your sensor/instrument. Analyze it as we did in class. Write your analysis in 2-3 paragraphs, describing: the purpose of the study, the hypothesis, the experimental objectives, main methods used, main results, interpretation of the results, comparison to previous studies, limitations of the study, and future work.


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