J. Crew Case study

ISBN: 978-0077720599

J. Crew Case study

Case #1 J Crew
(1) How does the external environment affect J Crew? As part of your answer, you must create and refer to 5-force and the Macro environmental analyses. However, additional external environmental analyses will also be useful in this case (and you should strongly consider adding some).

(2) Critique the business model (equation version) of J Crew. Given the company’s allocation of resources, how is J Crew positioned? For example, how does its target market and generic strategy impact the variance of its profitability? Should J Crew change its model?

(3) Use concepts and exhibits to critique J Crew’s position relative to its competitors. Is its position relatively sustainable? Or not?

(4) Name 1 positive and 1 negative aspect of the balance sheet (Case exhibit 2 and the bottom of case exhibit 1; you’ll need to use ratio analyses for part of this answer). Name one good aspect of the income statement (case exhibit 1), other than “revenues” or “net income,” and one bad or unusual aspect. Overall what would be encouraging or discouraging about the future from the “numbers”? (NOTE: Other numbers other than the classic financials from the exhibits may need to be used to answer this part of the question!!).

(5) How should J Crew go forward? Critique the options presented; discuss pros and cons of each. You must use case data and your exhibits to answer this question (note: SWOT may be used in part to answer this question, but it will require more than SWOT analysis).


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