Japanese Culture

This is going to be a power point presentation: Japanese, so you do not need to write it in essay form, in bullets is ok. Add references.


My part is 1, 7 and B; the ones in yellow. So, do not include information that is part of other topic.

This presentation should address the following: (1) History, values and worldview (2) Language and communication patterns (3) Art and other expressive forms (4) Norms, rituals and rules (5) Lifestyle characteristics and relationship patterns (6) degree of assimilation or marginalization from mainstream society and (7) Health behaviors and practices (10 points).  In addition to describing the these characteristics, the presentation must include (A) a comparative and contrast analysis of common characteristics and distinguishing traits from other population groups (5 points), and (B) a discussion of differential approaches needed by health care professionals (5 points).  Grades will also be based on creativity and overall quality of the professional presentation including references (5 points). Maximum of 20 slides.




History, values and worldview

– History

– Values

– Worldview


(7) Health behaviors and practices

(B) a discussion of differential approaches needed by health care professionals


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