Job advertisements and internships

Assignment Four
Matching your resume to perspective jobs and internships
Fall 2015

To complete this assignment, you will select three job advertisements or internships. You will run your resume through This will give you a count of the most frequent words in your resume. You can set the counter to give you the top 25 or the top 100. For this assignment, set the counter to “No” for small words and 25 for the word count. Run your resume and print out the results.
Select three job advertisements for positions you would like. They can be full time jobs or internships. You may want to use jobs listed on TigerTraks. You may also select one job description from Run these through and print the results.
Do a short write up of the results. What do you need to do to get a better match? You may need to include things you have already done but aren’t on your resume. You may need to develop new skills. Be very specific in your plan.
To complete this assignment, you will turn in the following items:
1. analysis of your resume.
2. Copy of the three employment announcements you will run through
3. Word analysis of the three positions you have selected.
4. Your plan for “fixing” your resume to fit the positions you have selected.


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