Journalism studies

Article review

Schneider, B. (2012) Sourcing homelessness: How journalists use sources to frame homelessness Journalism, 13(1): pp. 71-86.


Your review should be written for a reader (e.g. one of the module lecturers, your personal tutor or a fellow student) who has some knowledge of Journalism Studies and is interested not just in the coverage and content of the article being reviewed, but also in your critical assessment of the ideas and argument that are being presented by the author(s).

The following questions may help you to construct your review:

Objectives: what does the article set out to do?

Theory: is there an explicit theoretical framework? If not, can you identify any theoretical assumptions?

Concepts: what concepts are central to the analysis offered? Are they clearly defined?

Literature: how does the article fit into the wider literature?

Argument: what is the main argument? Are there specific hypotheses?

Method: if empirical research is reported what methods were employed to collect data?

Evidence: is evidence provided? Is it adequate?

Values: are value positions made clear by the author(s)?

Presentation: are research results or data presented in a clear and accessible manner?

Contribution: how well does the work advance our knowledge of the subject and the field of Journalism Studies?

Conclusion: a brief overall evaluation of the article













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