King Lear: Good versus Evil

Prompt: Who are the Heroes and villains in King Lear? What characteristics do they possess and actions do they take to fulfill these roles? 
Must include: 
• Use specific examples and quotes from the play to support your answer.
• 3 pages long
• Quotes only from Shakespeare’s version of King Lear.
• Stay within guidelines set forth by teacher, see attachments.
• Include that King Lear is a tragedy; therefore it contains Aristotle’s 6 elements of tragedy including one of the most important, character.
• Include at least 3 reasons/situations that classify King Lear’s characters with heroic characteristics and/or villainous characteristics
• Include situations or predicaments in King Lear that truly brought out the heroic or villainous characteristics/traits inside the characters and how the character’s actions and emotions reflect on their classification amongst these categories of hero vs. villain.
• Include that King Lear is portrayed as a fairytale which instills the idea of “good guys vs. bad guys”.
• “I am a man more sinned against than sinning”
• Many quotes! (Must include more than four.)
• 8 small body paragraphs, one for each character. 4 heroes and 4 villains.
• Explain how Cornwall changed throughout the play
• Teacher states, “remember, your best argument is the script itself- when you find yourself explaining what happens for several paragraphs, you are weakening you’re arguments.”
• Write about all heroes and villains
Teacher wants the students to use the ‘play and our mind’ and not to use outside sources but, if outside sources are used an AMA style bibliography is required.


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