Late Roman and Medieval

The following are reflective prompts to assist you in writing this reflective essays.
The topic is the Byzantine Empire.

Use your Worksheet as a study guide and as an essay prompt in writing your focus paper.

Watch the film Engineering an Empire: Byzantium

Please refer to hand out that will assist you in gathering information as you watch the film. Engineering an Empire – Byzantium pdf
The following is a Rubric that will provide the grading expectations and parameters for this assignment.
Essay prompts:

1. Discuss the importance of icons in Byzantine tradition

2. Discuss the ways in which the Byzantine world synthesizes Roman culture with Christianity.

3. Discuss the importance of creating a lasting empire through the building of great public works such as aqueducts and the Haggia Sofia. How do buildings such as these provide such an important cultural legacy.

Follow this instructions and watch the video , the link in the bottom
and please make sure that no plagiarize because there is a safe assign


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